Windows IIS 8.5 Reinstall Failed

지정된 서버에 기능을 추가 또는 제거하는 요청이 실패했습니다. 재시작이 필요합니다. “installation failed” and “the server needs to be restarted to undo the changes.” 또는 powershell GetEnumerationState_Failed_Reboot_Required,Microsoft.Windows.ServerManager.Commands 우선, C:\Windows\iis.log 파일을 열어보면 다음과 같은 로그가 나옴. < WARNING! > Failed to detect if config redirection is enabled. result=0x80070490.Assuming config is not redirected and continuing. IIS 삭제 후 재설치시 소개 더보기 Windows IIS 8.5 Reinstall Failed[…]

use aws s3 on linux with s3fs command

ubuntu 14.04 install s3fs apt-get install automake autotools-dev g++ git libcurl4-gnutls-dev libfuse-dev libssl-dev libxml2-dev make pkg-config git clone cd s3fs-fuse ./ ./configure make make install # make credential file(use AWS IAM Credential) echo ‘MyAccessKeyId:SecretAccessKey’ > /etc/passwd-s3fs chmod 600 /etc/passwd-s3fs # if you don’t make any permission, You can see this ;s3fs should not have others permissions’ 소개 더보기 use aws s3 on linux with s3fs command[…]